December 7, 2008

YouTube Video #2

I know I have already posted some videos of football hits but sitting here and watching football on TV make me want to post a video of football. So here is a compilation football hits during games. i think some of the hits are quite dangerous but valid and amazingly hard.

YouTube Video #1

I am forgoing this weeks music of the week mainly because I already posted for it. And I really don;t have time with finals coming up this next week. So here is the first YouTube video of this week. The previous two were for last week. If you have any questions just read 3 posts ago and it should be self explainitory. This video is by the people who produced the last video that i posted. I really didn;t think it was that funny qt first but the last part was the best. Never really thought about something like that.

YouTube Video #2

Mother's day is always a lovely day when the kids actually have to call their mother and wish them well. In this clip these two guys are going to make a video for mother. Just take a look and try not to laugh.

YouTube Video #1

I was searching YouTube today for videos to post when I realized that Obama, the president elect, was to post a weekly update on YouTube. So I will feature his first update for this week about the economy and what he plans to do when he takes office. It's very interesting.


This is an update but this will count for one of my posts. I have a very private reason why I have not been posting lately this past week for two weeks ago and for this week. If anybody would like to know it's to personal and I don't feel like explaining it to them, and I don't feel comfortable even discussing the situation with anybody. I will explain if this will affect my grade in this class. thank you.

December 2, 2008

Song of The Week

Well I was just about to postthis weeks when I realized i completely forgot to post 3 times for last week! Wow. I am not only upset with myself but frustrated I keep forgetting. So again... I will do a double post cycle this week. Sorry!

Well I'll jump right into it! I have been listening to a lot of songs again by Lil' Wayne again so i am going to feature another song from him again. I have already featured a song from one of his mixtapes earlier in one post but I will post again about another mixtape. This mixtape is called Young Moula Baby. It features many new rappers on the scence. This Mixtape is produced by Cash Money Records and this mixtape recorded alot of Cash Money's up coming rappers. The song that I will feature is one of the songs from Young Moula called Too Clean. It features one of the up and coming artist from Cash Money--Lil' Chuckee. Surprising the beat is good and lyrics are catchy. Deffinitly take a listen sometime.

Song; Too Clean (feat. Lil' Chuckee)
Artist: Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne Website
Lil' Wayne Wiki

November 23, 2008

YouTube Video #4

The last viral video of this week is going to be about magic. This is a very funny video that is part of the David Blaine street magic series. It's very funny and I always enjoy the series. It's self explanatory and super funny.

YouTube Video #3

Here is another viral video. It's about a girl who is explaining what she is going to do to a monster. Her mom is asking her and tapign the whole thing. She can't help but laughing but at the same time is trying to tell her daughter that it is not right to say that. Enjoy:

YouTube Video #2

A viral video is a very popular video that is usually viewed in the millions over a very short period of time. The views of the video spread like a virus so it is usually defined as a "Viral Video." After that quick definition i will feature a few viral videos in the next posts. This first one is a very funny scene between, I take it, two brothers. Just listen to the older brother.

YouTube Video #1

I am going to feature a video about something that is becoming very popuar among hip=hop rap artists. Syrup. Syrup is the slang word for a mixture of promenthazine and codine. When taken in high doses it can be addictive and harmful to the body. It causes hallucinations and many popular rappers have died from it. Pimp C and Bun-B for example. Here is a video about Lil Wayne talking about his addiction.

November 22, 2008

Song of the week #2

This will be the song of the week #2. As I have explained earlier my charger broke so I didn't have access to another computer (because I forgot the password) so i am doing a double post this week to make up for last week. The song I have in mind is actually a remake from Micheal Jackson's Smooth Criminal song. The band that remade it is Alien Ant Farm (AAF). They released the song on the Album ANTology. Which if you have time to listen to legitimate well thought out songs with amazing sounds you should definitely take a look at the album. The band started in 1995, and in 2000, ANTology was their first album ever released. in 2002 the lead singer died and it basically ended the bands hopes of being a historic American Band.

Song: Smooth Criminal
Band: Alien Ant Farm

Alien Ant Farm Wiki
YouTube video of Smooth Criminal

Song of the week #1

Because of the complete and utter frustration of the computer charger breakdown I have finally got it. I had been borrowing my roommates but now I can finally use my own computer. I have been listening to alot of his music because I didn't have my own computer. So I will feature one of the many songs he enjoys. He enjoys old school rap and the Beastie Boys are one of the bands. I aloso have listened to the Beastie Boys years ago. They are a very talented group that really laid the frame work to modern day rap. They actually started as a hardcore punk group in 1979 but then in 1986 released their first album "Liscensed to Ill" it was instant success and they have been rapping ever since, with many chart toppers. I will feature one of there songs from that album.

Song: Rhymin and Stealing
Band: Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys Wikipedia
Beastie Boys Official Website

November 17, 2008

Computer Down!

Well my computer has actually been down for about a week. The battery charger broke and I didn't even think of going to library to post. So.... I will make it up to whoever reads this blog. I will post twice what I need to for this week. So I will post 6 total posts. 2 song of the weeks and 4 YouTube video clips.

November 9, 2008

YouTube video #2

Well I was watching the Penn State game yesterday in Iowa and it was snowing! I realized at that moment how much i love the snow and I can;t wait till it snows here. So I started to get into the spirit and start searching the internet on YouTube for one of my passions--skiing. I love to ski and I would say I'm pretty good at it for just starting last year. Well in this video are some tricks I am planning to try this ski season.

YouTube video #1

Whether or not you would like to admit it or not it was assumed by the media and the people of the USA that Obama would win the election. It was accepted but not spoken about by the republicans that McCain would lose. So here is the inevitable, the speech of Obama winnning the election. This is a historic speech and he did a very good job. I am proud to call Barack Obama my 44th president. Hopefully he lives up to all his hype.

November 7, 2008

Song of The Week

This song of the week is coming from a alternative band called Third eye Blind (3eb). They started in the mid 1990's in San Fransisco. They released their first hit record that was self entitled. It was an instant success which is partly because of their hit single "Semi-Charmed life." They then released two more albums one of them by the name of "Blue." Arguably one of the best albums they released. They are set to release another album shortly in 2009. Should be great and I can't wait to hear their new songs. The band is made up of very talented musicians and the band is always a pleasure to listen to. The featured song was on their album Blue.

Song: Darwin
Album: Blue
Artist: Third Eye Blind

Official Site

The Band's Wiki: 3eb

November 3, 2008

YouTube video #2

This up coming election is much anticipated. So i figured I put some funny clips up to lighten the mood and ideas about the election. Vote Obama! These clips will simply show how retarded Sarah Palin really is!

By the way she is letting her daughter, who is 17, keep a BABY which she is pregnant with. I can't believe more hasn't been said. hahaha.

YouTube video #1

Well i really have been busy this weekend and it's time to get some laughs out of myself. Its Halloween weekend so in the spirit I'm going to post a ghost. well not exactly a ghost but its a clip of an apparition on a popular TV hit series called Ghost Hunters. Its on the SciFi channel every Wednesday nights at 9. I'd suggest watching it sometimes.

November 1, 2008

Song of the Week

I had a long week. I constantly am forgetting to update this blog until it gets around the weekend. So here goes the song of this week. I was watching Saturday Night Live and a band called Coldplay was on the show. They played a few songs but this song stood out to me so I chose to feature it on my blog. Some little known facts about cold play is that they are actually a British band (all decent bands are Britain aren''t they!?) They started to become a big deal in 2000 getting airtime on MTV but their turning point was the single Clocks. The song really defines what the band sounds like and it's a great song. But here is their most recent single that is a really good song.

Song: Viva la Vida
Artist: Coldplay

Coldplay's band site
Coldplay's Wiki

October 26, 2008

YouTube Video #2

After watching the latest Penn State football game i was in the football mood. So I looked up some of the hardest college football hits on YouTube and I came up with this one. I found it halarious and I thought that it was amazing that Quintin Coryatt could ever do something like this. He knocked the guy unconsious.

YouTube Video #1

I always like listening and watching people who can beat box. But when i stumbled upon this video i was floored. This guy has talent. I never saw anybody this good and he makes it look so easy. Take a look:

Song of the Week

This weeks featured is a little known acustic guitar player from Sweden. He is classified as an indie classical folk singer. He had played guitar for no-name bands before he went solo in 2003. He released Veneer his debut album then. His first solo album was made up of many acoustic remakes of popular songs. His career suddenly took off. He then released his secdond album in 2007 called In Our Nature. Which included more percussion beats and was composed of all original songs. Jose really has a nice sound to him and he has a very mellow sound. Here's on of his more well known songs a cover from the European band "The Knife"

Song: Heartbeats
Artist: Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez MySpace
Jose Gonzalez Webpage

October 19, 2008

YouTube Video #2

This is a hilarious video that is by Andy Samburg. He has made lots of Saturday Night Live Digital Shorts, which are usually just a short comedy flick like a music video. He had done earlier clips with Chris Parnel called "Lazy Sunday" and another one with Justin Timberlake called "Dick in a Box". Those being the most popular of course. But this is the miost recent one and it has to deal with the olympics in space. Hope you lik eit.

YouTube Video #1

The election coming up has caused alot of comotion, as it should. It also has ispired the comedy satires about the election. This is a video of a satire they did about Sarah Pain, the republican's vice president nominee next to John McCain. The video has two parts one of the actual skit and another of the actual Sarah Palin video. Its pretty funny, take a look:

Song of the Week

This whole weekend I have been listening to none other than Lil Wayne.... again. I realize that I am listening to him way to much but if I'm fair he does come out with catchy and new songs frequently. And I was to compare him to anything I would say right now he is the modern day Beatles. I know that is a profound statement but I think that he has probably released more Cd's and mixtapes than the Beatles. This song is from one of the first mixtapes he came out with.

Artist: Lil Wayne
Song: Nigga Wit Money

Lil Wayne:
Lil Wayne's MySpace: